On our drive to our boat ride we stumbled upon the little town of Hanapepe. The town was kicking off a festival honoring the last Princess of Hawaii and we thought it would be fun to walk around the little shops and art galleries until our boat was ready. We noticed the sign recognizing the town as the home of “Lilo and Stitch,” a cartoon we’ve watched a million times when our kids were little. It would have been fun to hang out in the town, but we hustled off to catch our boat for a tour up the Na Pali Coast.

We boarded the craft, which was a motorized raft that fit around 15 people. Fortunately, the boat was a Brooks Family Exclusive, with the exception of the 2-person crew. During the voyage, we spotted dolphins, fish, and sea turtles. The dolphins were a highlight for everybody. The were Spinner Dolphins that would jump out of the water and twist a few times in the air. They were so dang cool.


As we made our way up the coast, the waters got more choppy and Truman and I started to get a little motion sick. It was worth it because the views became increasingly spectacular as we made our way up the cliffs.


We stopped off at an old indigenous fishing village for lunch, snorkeling, and a tour. I was feeling pretty motion sick, so I avoided the snorkeling, but the kids and Melissa had a great time. The tour around the village was very interesting. We tried some Hawaiian Noni and all agreed that it was nasty. Usually I can appreciate almost any flavor. This, however, was pretty vile. You’d have to add a lot of sugar to make it pallatable.