It proved a weird mountain bike season for Maxwell. Weather conditions forced many events to be cancelled, our trip to Hawaii set him back in the rankings, and we learned a lot about how the point system work.

He opened the season with a great race at Powder Mountain Ski Resort. A week before the event, he changed to a one-by set up, which resulted in him dropping his chain 1-2 times at every event. Even though he dropped his chain twice, he still made the podium in third place.


After a couple cancelled meets and our trip to Hawaii, Maxwell had to start in the second wave becasue he didn’t have the points to start in the first wave. This would mean he would spend most of the race trying to other riders. Despite having to pass over 60 riders, Maxwell finished the event in 6th place.


Next up, the state championship in Cedar City. Maxwell started in the first wave, but was still not in the front of the lineup. He dropped his chain twice and when you are riding that close to the edge, it’s tough to close the gap. All that said, he finished the season in 6th place. He was pretty disappointed with the results, but given the circumstances, we think he did great. This was a critical year for him because we learned how to manage the season and point system. Melissa continues to coach the team and she loves it– alot!