Musical Theater is almost always a good time. I was looking forward to a nice evening with the girls and modestly interested in The Sound of Music as we made the drive to The Eccles Theater in downtown Salt Lake. We hit Cafe Trang’s for some awesome pho and spring rolls for dinner before we mad the drive. Overall, we were all surprised by how much we enjoyed this musical. As we drove home, we all commented on the amazing music and classic story.

Plot: Classic storyline with a couple differences from the movie adaptation. I actually prefer the musical version more.

Music: Too many classic songs to mention, but the nun who sings “Climb Every Mountain” before the intermission gave one of the most powerful vocal performances I’ver ever heard. While not as stunning visually as the pre-intermission song for Wicked, the vocals were every bit as great.

Costumes & Sets: Fairly simple, which was kind of nice as more and more theater relies on over-produced sets. It did the job.

Dancing: Not a big focus.

Acting: It was great.