Earlier in the year we signed Maxwell up for his first USA Cycling mountain bike XC event in Fontana, CA during the week of Spring Break. It was perfect timing because I had been thinking about taking Norah and Truman to Lego Land since the last time we were there the kids looked like this (that’s Melissa pregnant with Truman in December 2007):

In order to call myself a good parent I would have have to check this one off the bucket list. The kids all know that amusement parks are probably my least favorite form of family vacationing, but they also know that they owe me a major hike (I love this quid pro quo).

As you would expect, LegoLand was overflowing because of Spring Break. Per the usual, we saw lots of Utah and BYU gear throughout the park as the Utahans invade SoCal this time of year. The part of LegoLand we enjoy the most is the art and engineering. It is remarkable to meander through the park taking in all the Lego creativity. We did comment on more than one occasion that they should line the major rides with more Lego art so we had more time to enjoy it all.

We had a great day in the park, but we also recognized that half of LegoLand is for little kids. It was with both a little sadness and joy that we quickly walked through the portion of the crowd for little tikes. We are all hungry and tired and were happy to devour burgers and fries at the nearby Burger Lounge.



The following day, we went to the Museum of Making Music in the morning. For Maxwell, this was a pretty sweet opportunity. The displays were mostly of old instruments and Maxwell kept repeating, “do you know how much that guitar is worth today?!” It is fun to see his enthusiasm for music and instruments since he recently upgraded is electric guitar to a Fender Stratocaster American Elite. The museum also features some unique instruments that were fun for the kids to play.

We hit the beach Carlsbad Beach for a few hours until we were all tuckered out. We returned to the hotel and quickly…


We have also enjoyed taking in a couple of movies. Both Ready Player One and Black Panther were wonderful. That said, I think Ready Player One will be come a family classic.

The only thing we have left to do is watch Maxwell race tomorrow. It should be fun…