A couple of months ago, we realized that our Hamilton tickets conflicted with the girls’ performance—NOOO!!!! But there was nothing we could do about it. Regardless, it turned out to be a fun night with our boys.

The first time I heard about Hamilton was when Lin Manuel was interviewed on NPR a few months after their Broadway opening. We were actually in NYC and went to 5 musicals while we were there, but tickets were over $1,000 per ticket.

When I got home, I downloaded the album and listened to it as I rode my bike around the Alpine Loop. It was outstanding! From that point on, our family became obsessed.

So, how did the Broadway touring group do? It was fabulous. You know, it always takes a bit for your ear to adjust to the different singers, but once it does, it is just as great.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on which is better, Hamilton or Les Mis. That is perhaps an irreconcilable question in my mind. I think Les Mis is more impactful, but Hamilton is more enjoyable–if that makes any sense.