It seems like yesterday Melissa came home and told me she found a great ballet studio in South Provo with a great teacher. It was a stretch for us financially. It 2006 and I was in my first job. Hannah was six. But you know how it goes, you’ll do anything for your kids. Of course, looking back now, I would never have guessed the impact ballet would have on her life. Melissa always told me she thought Hannah would be a great dancer.

Ballet has been molded Hannah into the amazing young woman she is. It has taught her discipline, excellence, hard work, elegance, beauty and so many other qualities. With only a few exceptions, Hannah has had the same teachers for the past almost 12 years.

And so, it was with a great deal of excitement and sadness that we watched her last performance with Miss Jennie yesterday. She was stunning! She had a solo and a couple duets. At the end of her solo, Melissa leaned over to me and said, “Our daughter nailed that, righ!” It wasn’t a question, but rather a procolomation of motherly pride. Hannah was sensational.

Of course, we can’t forget Norah! She lights up the stage with her smile. Her dance was set to a cover of “99 Red Balloons” and it was fantastic. Beyond her smile, she has mad skills, just like her sister

At the end of the performance, the girls were encouraged to improvise together. It was fun to watch Hannah walk over to Norah, pick her up, and begin a sweet little improvised dance. Truly, our hearts brimmed over with pride and joy!

A couple of months ago, Hannah and Norah begged me to do the Daddy-Daughter Dance. To put things in perspective, I’ve never even danced with Melissa! But how could I turn down my girls. Ultimately, Hannah couldn’t fit it in with her schedule, but Norah and I had a blast practicing and performing. To be clear, it was mostly me standing while Norah jumped and twirled around me, but it was fun.