Melissa and I were having a rare quiet evening.  Norah and Tru were on a bike ride and Hannah took Maxwell up Provo Canyon for his high school mountain bike team practice. We were enjoying the quiet conversation on the couch when Melissa got a phone call from Maxwell in a panic. He had been stung by an insect and was having a hard time breathing, his skin was breaking out with hives and welts, and he was acting kinda crazy. Hannah was driving him down the canyon to Utah Valley Hospital. I immediately hopped in the car and connected with them as they drove. I wanted to make sure his throat was not constricting in an anaphylactic shock. Once I realized he was going to be ok, I redirected them to the urgent care on the hospital campus. Upon arrival, the doc was also nervous about his breathing. At this point, Maxwell was swollen over his entire body. It was pretty intense. The doc wrote us a few scripts and we headed to the pharmacy to start counteracting the reaction. We grabbed some food, took the meds, and headed home. About 20 minutes later he was already clearing up and looking much better.

The following morning we did a little research and determined it was a black hornet–nasty little creatures.