RMNP solidified my appreciation for where we live. We experienced huge valleys, vast forests, massive mountain ranges, and abundant wildlife. It was awesome! But, it really wasn’t that different from AF Canyon or the Uintas. Sure, the mountains start at a higher elevation, but from valley floor to summit, it is pretty similar. This doesn’t mean that RMNP was a disappointment to be sure, but it built a deep sense of gratitude that I can experience this level of grandure in my own backyard.

We accessed the park through the West entrance town of Grand Lake. We drove to the top of the Trail Ridge Road, which tops out just over 12,000 ft. We spent some time taking in the views and went for a short hike to the top of a small peak to get a better viewpoint. The lack of oxygen was apparent as we had to breathe deeper than normal.

During our descent, we came across a family of elk. They are wonderful beasts.

To conclude our time in the park, we did a shirt 5-mile hike to a beautiful mountain meadow. We had to limit our efforts in order to preserve Melissa’s strength for the upcoming 100 mile trail run.

A Little Time at Breckenridge

Mother-Daughter Chicken Sandwich